Dear kind web page visitor,

I am collecting images of faces for a portrait sculpture project.

Please consider submitting images of yourself to have your portrait included.

This is for a proposed outdoor installation in front of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC.

I am an sculptor who has made quite a few portraits over the years... though not as many as I am proposing to make here.

Here are a few examples of portraits I have made in the past. I worked on a many years long series of people in the art world: artists, curators, gallerists, critics and collectors.

And here are a couple of links to my other work. I also work on other kinds of figurative sculptures, photographs and illustrations:

Here is the sketch for the proposed project and some work on a mock-up of the piece.

Click here to read more about the proposal:

If you might consider submitting some images, please read the following:

Submission guidelines:

The more views with the less camera distortion the better.
Ideally, the following are photographed from slightly below eye level (at mid-point of face) from enough distance that smart phone camera lens distortion is minimized.
Front, side views, 3/4 views
For extra credit, additional close ups for detail of face, ears, 
3/4 back views. 

Please email and/or share images to PortraitProject@gmail.com

No images will be posted (and exposed to online face recognition software on line) without express permission. 

I can’t promise absolute likeness, but the better the source material (high quality pictures and more of them) the more likely your face will be included in the project and the more likely it be recognizable

Thanks so much for taking a look at this page and considering sharing your likeness!

Nina Levy